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 It lasts 10 years!

Also building different families
Example: a family of 3 figures
and a 
2 one = Free Shipping!





 Application Instructions   



Wash the surface of the area where you will be applying the stickers to (outside of car window) with window cleaner. Be sure that the surface has not been in direct sun and is too hot you may want to move to the shade or the garage.

Place sticker face down on flat surface peel off the thick paper backing holding paper backing at a sharp angle. Stickers will be pre-spaced on a mounting tape.

The bottom of the stickers will have a straight edge for easy alignment. Visually align sticker, press down top two corners to mounting surface, making sure there are no creases or wrinkles.

Working from the center out, use a smoothing tool (a credit card or squeegee) will work just fine. Use firm overlapping strokes to apply. Be sure your sticker is applied flat with no creases as this may cause it not to adhere properly

Starting from the edge, very carefully peel off the transfer tape, keeping it at a sharp angel and holding it low to the surface. If a sticker does come up with the tape, simply smooth the tape back over it, press and smooth, and try again.

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